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Law Enforcement / Military Programs

We are dedicated to bringing current POI's from the best training programs in the world to our clients on the front line of enforcement - whether that be domestic or foreign. We frequently host and coordinate with some of the countries best instructors and we consider Lead Faucet Tactical to be a partner company that can offer any level of military unit quality spin up training. We offer programs in the following areas, and we can easily tailor any course to a units needs by customizing and combining curriculum from any of these courses;

Tactical Handgun courses

Tactical Patrol Rifle courses

Tactical Sub Gun courses

Low Powered Variable Optics - contact distance to 500 yards - courses

Medium Range Rifle - contact distance to 1,000 - yards - and Stalking courses

Vehicle Tactics - shooting in, out and around - courses

Low Light - white light and laser / NVG - courses

2-Man Team Tactics courses

CQB / Interior Tactics - live fire, force on target, and force on force - courses

TCCC courses

We also have the facilities and ability to host or support operations in the following areas;

Parachute Drop Zone

Off Road specialized vehicles

Land Navigation

Urban Surveillance Tactics and Techniques

Live in Self Supporting Hard Quarters

K9 detection, patrol and tracking 

Courses Open to Members of the General Public in Good Standing

Defense Midwest and all of it's instructors strongly believe that members of the general public also deserve high quality combatives and firearms training. We believe in the inalienable right to self defense and in the intent of the Bill of Rights fully to include the second amendment as it was intended! Therefore we offer the following standardized and customizable training courses to qualified members of the general public;

Defensive Firearms courses in: Handgun, Carbine, Rifle, Shotgun

Basic Firearms and Safety courses for: Youth, Beginners

Women's Only (Lioness Programs) Firearms Introduction and Basic courses

Low Light Principals of the Tactical Application of White Light courses

Principals of Fighting Out of and Around Vehicles courses

Advanced Force on Target and Force on Force courses

Tactical Emergency Medicine courses based on military TCCC

Empty Hand and Intermediate Weapons Combatives courses

We also have the facilities and the ability to host and support K9 protection and search training 


Wamego Facility

Climate controlled classroom and restroom

150 yard X 35 yard flat combat range

       14 shooting lanes capable of supporting up to 26 people

       Multiple movable barricades

25 yard 8 lane police pistol range specifically designed to run KS CPOST qualifications

20 yard pistol swinging and falling steel range

        4) 6-plate falling racks (bianchi cup style) - pistol steel

        1) Texas Star target - pistol steel

        1) 4-plate swinging targets - pistol steel

Live fire shoot house

Force on Target and Force on Force shoot house

Single Rifle postions at 200, 250, 350 yards

Outdoor workout facility

Obstacle course

Bus for dry drilling and force on target as well as force on force

Vehicles to train in and around both live fire and force on force

Eskridge Facility

150 x 50 yard flat range with steel and up to 20 paper target stands

Rifle Scrambler range 100 - 900 yards, over 30 steel targets

270 degree movement to contact live fire range

22 caliber steel range 

Bathroom and Shower facility 

Hardquarters for up to 18 individuals

Camping areas

Up to 2500 acres for land navigation

Vehicles to train in and around both live fire and force on force

The work out facility is under current construction as are multiple other additions