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Course Description

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KS CCH - Wamego Facility

The KS CCH training course, as mandated by statute, is to be a minimum of 8 hours. Our day classes start promptly at 08:30 (8:30 am) - unless otherwise noted in schedule - and end around 18:30 -19:00 (7:00 pm).

Our course fee is $100 for members of the general public and $80 for law enforcement, detention, dispatch, fire, ems, and military personnel and their spouses - this is over and above the fees charged by the county and state. The fee is payable to Defense Midwest LLC upon application and for class reservation.

Handguns must be clear / empty of all ammunition when you come to class – they will be checked at the door prior to the start of training. Handguns must be kept in a holster or a case during training. There will be no ammunition allowed in the classroom – please keep it in your vehicle until it is time for the range. Absolutely no unauthorized handling of handguns during the training class. You are not required to qualify with the handgun you intend to carry – however it is a good idea to train with what you carry.

The qualification Course requires 25 rounds and the practice session could take up to 150 rounds. We recommend you come to class with 200 rounds – factory ammunition is required.

Please bring plenty to drink and eat during instruction. Short breaks will be taken to allow for you to have access to additional items. Eating and drinking are allowed during the lecture portions of the training. We will take a short 30-minute break for lunch around noon – you are welcome to bring your lunch or make a quick trip into town to pick something up.

Handgun skills - Wamego Facility (can also be run as a stand alone women's only course)

This course focuses on building the basic manipulation skills and the proper foundations to both enjoy and effectively shoot handguns. We highlight applicable safety with positive manipulations and develop a solid physical platform to manage recoil and to deliver accurate shots. Round count for this class will be limited to 250 or less.

Rifle Skills - Wamego Facility (can also be run as a stand alone women's only course)

This is our foundational course for the Patrol syle rifle. It focuses on efficient manipulation skills, zero theory, and developing the physical platform to manage recoil and deliver accurate shots. Round count for this class is 360 rounds.

Urban Conflict In and Around Barricades / Vehicles - Wamego Facility (this can be run as a handgun, rifle, or 2-gun class)

This is our more advanced manipulations and tactics course that is suitable for handgun only, rifle only or as a 2-gun combination course. It is more physically demanding than our basic courses as it requires lots of position changes and movements between barricades. 

TCCC in High Stress Austere Environments - Wamego Facility

This is a medical course that focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of tourniquets and pressure bandages. It consists of lecture, dry drilling and application techniques, live fire exercises and a final field training exercise to test the concepts. This is a highly applicable course to active outdoor and adventurous people - the life saving skills of stopping the bleeding have significantly decreased morbidity both on the battle field and all across the country in civilian applications. It is my belief that every member of a household should have these basic skills and that it should be taught in all our schools. Round count for this course will be in the 250 range.

Introduction to Conducting Internal Structural Movements - Wamego Facility 

This course begins with a solid foundation of lecture to hammer home the principals of room combat and whys of how it is approached. There is extensive dry drilling and then live fire exercises to illustrate the importance of proper progressions and processor speed (the mind) when clearing rooms. We start with 1-person entries, move to 2-person with and without bringing additional people through the structure, and end with 4-person entries if we have students who work in team environments. Couples are highly encouraged to take this course together and it is equally applicable to the professional who is tasked with CQB. This course culminates with a low light force on target / target discrimination final exercise. This course is a high round count course once the live fire portion starts - it is applicable to handguns or rifles depending on the students primary focus. Expect to shoot 400 - 650 rounds depending on the size of class.

Extended Distance Patrol Rifle - Eskridge Facility

This course is designed to familiarize the student with intimate knowledge of the weapon system, coupled with the sighting system, coupled with the capabilities of the shooter / environment.  Target engagements for this course will be from contact distance out to 500 yards or further. There will be blocks on zeroing, using items to increase stability, using cover to the best advantage and on principals for ambidextrous use of a rifle.

OLD Group SWAT Conference

This is a training / competition event that is open to current or past PTSO SWAT members, current or past SWAT members from neighboring departments and also by invitation. There will be a top shot prize and door prizes at the awards banquet as well as a guest speaker. This event usually requires 300 rounds of rifle and 300 rounds of pistol.

Storm the Gates of Hell Warrior Challenge 

This is a combination training event and competition all rolled up into one. 100% of all proceeds will be benefiting Resolute Ranch and Resiliency Co. All money will go to the expenses directly supporting the Post Traumatic Growth 3-day Retreats and the 1-day Mini Retreats.  There will be prizes for the top shots and drawings for door prizes as well as an awards banquet and party following the event. Ammunition counts and specifics will be available upon sign up!

NVG Operators Course

Module 1 is familiarization and movements under nods

Module 2 is zeroing, weapons manipulations, transitions to red dot

Module 3 is tactical shooting around cover 

Module 4 is internal movements / CQB

Module 5 is optional and is based around UTM FOF


Smoking is banned from the classroom facility and is not allowed on the firing line. Smoking and chewing are allowed in other areas on the training facility.

There is one restroom at the facility. You are allowed to use the restroom facilities at any time, as needed.

Don’t forget medications and other small medical items. We recommend you bring any medication you might need during the day. Remember to wear sun block during the range portions and to be prepared for things like bug bites or other stings.

Our lectures are very informal. If you have any questions regarding the materials please feel free to put your hand up at anytime. Many times, if one person has a question others probably do too. We welcome open discussions regarding the materials.

Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions – we will be on the range in all but dangerous weather. You will need to wear some kind of cap with a bill, and high tight-necked shirts are recommended (to prevent hot brass from falling down inside your shirt). Shoes are required – no sandals or flip-flop type of footwear. You will need to wear wrap around eye protection at all times on the range – if you are using prescription glasses you will need to provide clip on side protection (available at most hardware stores or welding supply stores). You will also need to wear hearing protection at all times on the range – we can provide head set hearing protection to you at no charge.

Some of our courses come with training manuals and some don't - either way you will need a pen and paper for notes and for mandatory paperwork.

Photography is allowed as long as it doesn't interfere with training - photos posted to social media must be cleared with Defense Midwest staff and anyone from the class that might be depicted in the picture. Many of our students have valid operational security reasons to not have their faces on the web.

Directions to the Facilities

Wamego Facility

from wamego travel 5 miles east on hwy 24 to the Onaga Rd

travel 1 mile north to School View Rd

then 1/2 mile east to Peddicord Rd

and then just under 1/2 mile south to the gravel range road heading west

from the east travel through Belvue and over the viaduct to Camp Creek Rd

travel 1/2 mile north to Half Moon Rd

Then 1 mile west to Peddicord Rd

and then a few hundred feet to the gravel range road heading west

Eskridge Facility - For retreats

It is located just North and East of Eskridge - east of hwy 4 and north of mission valley rd

At the junction of Hwy 4 and Mission Valley Road head east

approximately 1 mile from Hwy 4 there is a gravel lane headed north

go north on the unmarked road for just under 1/2 mile to the range entrance.