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2018 Warrior Challenge

The Defense Midwest Warrior Challenge is a fund raiser event to benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (see our links page for more information). All income generated from this event from fees and donations are directly passed to SOWF! We donate our time, our facilities, our equipment, prizes, and all the food and beverages for the banquet. Obviously we accept whatever assistance that a people are willing to give! We couldn't do this event without lots of help and assistance. If you want to assist in any way at all please let us know and we will make you a part of this exciting and fun event! In the end this about the children of Special Operations personnel (killed and wounded serving our country), we do this to say thank you to those who have made the greatest sacrifice, and as a promise that we won't let their spouses and children be forgotten in the shuffle of political correctness! Our pledge is to never forget!

This year we will be joined by Dan Brokos and the LFT gang, he has been on the front line of the GWOT for over 20 years and just recently retired to run his training and consulting business Lead Faucet Tactical! We look forward to Dan's input on the event and for his inspiration!

Sept 22 & 23 / 2018

9/22 - 08:00 Registration and Competition Brief - events run through approximately 18:00, supper and firepit to follow

Dont forget ladies - the women's sword challenge is a very special event that will occur in the afternoon on Saturday - free shirt, fun and the opportunity to win $100

9/23 - 09:00 Training Brief - Competition Events last through 14:00, Open Steel Challenge Shootoff then banquet and awards

Entrance fee for this year's competition will be a minimum donation of $150 (by check or money order) made out to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation; Defense Midwest will match all entrance fees up to $200 per person. This year we are limiting participation to 16! All competitors will receive a a coupon for an event commemorative shirt, food, fun interaction with friends and of course chances to win booty and cash from the fabulous prize table! Expect the prize table to include; Guns, LFT swag and gear, Defense Midwest Swag, Ammunition - plus we are working on addtional sponsors for for more exciting prizes and awards!  

2011 Defense Midwest Warrior of the Year was Broderic Peddicord (age 16)

2012 Defense Midwest Warrior of the Year was Broderic Peddicord (age 17)

2013 Defense Midwest Warrior of the Year was Jesse Figge (age 17)

2014 Defense Midwest Warrior of the Year was Dusty Taul

2015 Defense Midwest Warrior of the Year was Broderic Peddicord

2016 Defense Midwest Event Champion was John Poitiven

2018 Defense Midwest Event Champion was Paul Vanderpool

Who will lay it on the line in 2018 - Who has what it takes to be named the prestigious 2018 Defense Midwest Warrior of the Year?

Over the last 6 years we have given away well in excess of $12,000 worth of prizes, food and beverages and we have raised almost $18,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation! 2018 looks to be bigger and better than ever!

We challenge you! We challenge you to step up and test yourself, see if you have what it takes to push through psychological and physical limitations to emerge a better person - to emerge a better warrior!

The challenge is limited to 16 contestants - we take applications on a first come first serve basis - don't miss out on the most fun you can have outside the bedroom!!!!! Reserve your slot in the mix by emailing Buck Peddicord at !!!!