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The Mission

Our Mission is to Develop Professional and Effective Responses to High Stress Violent Encounters - No Matter, the Level of Experience of our Students

The Organization Defense Midwest is comprised of dedicated and experienced instructors with the operational background and temperament that is well suited for presenting the topics that are pertinent to today's use of force picture. Operators, Administrators, and Private Citizens alike will be pleased with the degree Defense Midwest has broken down complex issues in our curriculums. We teach and constantly reinforce basic skills and principles - we don't claim to have any secret knowledge or tactics. We believe that a solid foundation in sound principles is what gives the lone individual, 2-man team, or small unit the greatest advantage to prevail in high stress violent encounters. 

The Instructors

We are a small team of friends that have had the pleasure to instruct, work the street, and operate as a tactical team together for over 20 years. We enjoy what we do and we approach our training courses with a minimum of ego. We constantly attend training whenever and wherever possible to keep updated on our own personal skills, so we are well aware that no one individual has all the answers - especially in an ever changing environment like personal, small unit and large unit combat. For this reason, we prefer to focus our training around principles and basic tactics - no matter how bad the situation has been we have, ourselves, always fallen back on the basics.

Full resumes are available upon qualified request.